Plastic Surgery of the Ear

Misshapen ears represent the most common congenital abnormality of the face and neck region. Although not commonly discussed, an abnormal ear can pose significant psychological issues to the patient. Meticulous planning of surgical treatment is necessary in order to achieve satisfying outcomes. We hope that this site provides a resource for you before undergoing ear plastic surgery. Understanding the ears with their deformity, the anatomy and modern cosmetic and reconstructive techniques specific to the ears will help you during the planning phase before your procedure. Although broad knowledge about ear surgery may help you preparing for your consultation, it cannot replace the examination by and discussion with your plastic surgeon. Schedule your consultation today.

Dr. Frank P. Fechner

What is Cosmetic Ear Surgery?

Otoplasty or ear reshaping surgery is usually meant when cosmetic ear surgery is discussed. Other plastic ear procedures may also solely serve an aesthetic goal. For instance, patients may desire changes in size or shape of their earlobes. Sometimes, people may find their ears too large or too small in size and desire reduction or augmentation surgery.

Otoplasty is the surgery to reduce the prominence of the auricles (a.k.a. ear pinning or ear set-back). Although normal ear protrusion is the universal goal, the underlying deformity of the auricle can vary greatly. Depending on the exact problem constellation, precise planning of the ear set back procedure is crucial.

Be Well Informed Before Undergoing Ear Surgery!

When our patients are well-educated about their ear procedure, the process of undergoing the operation is greatly enhanced. In addition, you will understand what to expect afterwards during the recovery time. Entering your first consultation with your plastic surgeon with some background knowledge will improve communication and your understanding of the options and the process. Most commonly, otoplasty is performed as a stand-alone procedure and is not combined with other facial plastic operations (i.e., facelift, eyelid lift, and rhinoplasty). Because of its relative complexity, plastic ear surgery certainly deserves to be taken seriously.

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