Earlobe Keloids

Keloids represent abnormal and excessive production of scar tissue of the skin. Some people are genetically prone keloid formers and this tendency is more common among people of darker skin color (Asians, Hispanics and African-Americans). Although chest, shoulder and back skin is more prone to keloid formation, it can also develop at the earlobe as a result of injury or surgery. Rarely, an injury as minor as earlobe piercings can lead to rather impressive amounts of scar tissue, sometimes as large as a grape.

Correction of these scars includes excision of the keloid, sometimes leaving just a little rim of keloid behind. In order to prevent re-occurrence of the keloids, post-operative close management of the healing process includes the routine injection of steroids, often multiple times. This approach usually leads to good and acceptable improvements of the earlobe.

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