Earlobes After Facelift (Pixie Ears)

During a face lift, incisions are routine placed around the earlobes. These incisions fade usually to a pencil-fine line. Rarely, the earlobes may change its shape and, over many months, they can take on a longer contour. In addition to the elongation, the ear lobes also lose some of their normal curvature. These long earlobes are also called “pixie” ears.

There are many people that have naturally elongated earlobes of the very same form as pixie ears. Female patients are usually very aware of the change because they routinely wear ear rings.

Repair is possible and routinely involves advancement of skin from the jaw line under the lobe and shortening modifications of the lobe for and improved look. It is best to wait with the reconstruction until additional laxity of the skin develops after the facelift.

Experienced facelift surgeons will take special precautions to prevent earlobe change as a result of the face lift procedure.

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