Large Earlobes (Reduction)

Enlarged earlobes may be a hereditary constellation or the result of surgery (face lift) or aging. Earlobe reduction procedures are customized depending on the specific earlobe anatomy, overall size and wishes of our patients.

If the reduction procedure is not combined with other facial surgery (such as facelift or necklift), it is performed in the office under local anesthesia. Markings are performed first and consider optimal scar camouflage and extent of size decrease necessary. Depending on the location existing ear piercings and the reduction plan, re-piercing may be necessary after the procedure. One little injection of local anesthetic solution is sufficient to numb the entire lobe. The procedure is performed under sterile conditions. Commonly, a wedge of redundant earlobe tissue is removed although the exact technique may require adjustment to meet the specific anatomy. Bleeding is routinely insignificant. Meticulous repair is usually achieved with absorbable, ultra-fine sutures. Dressings are not required; instead, a small piece of steri-strips covers the sutures.

Recovery after earlobe reductive surgery is straight forward for the patient. The sutures have melted after 7 days. We do ask our patients to wait with re-piercing of the ears (if necessary) for a minimum of 2 months.

Earlobe reduction proved to be a predictable, safe and satisfying procedure for our patients.

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