Otoplasty Preparation

A specific pre-operative otoplasty regimen is important in order to prepare for an optimal procedure and easy recovery.  During your otoplasty preparation time, you should familiarize yourself with procedure itself and aftercare. Dr. Fechner will review the routine care instructions in detail during your pre-operative consultation. This knowledge will help you with a controlled and relatively easy recovery. Experienced cosmetic surgeons understand the importance of a controlled preparation for the overall success of your otoplasty.

After your otoplasty, prepare yourself for the recovery of about 7 to 10 days.  Making room in your personal life for this is important for peace of mind during the healing process.

Before Otoplasty Surgery

Measures before your otoplasty are taken in order to allow for a safe operation and swift recovery.   Therefore, we want you to take your medications exactly as instructed and follow all the doctor’s instructions.  Certainly, you want to inform your plastic surgeon if you decide to deviate from the plan.

For otoplasty, we routinely ask our patients to discontinue all medications that can increase bleeding and bruising during and after surgery including Aspirin and Aspirin-like products (ibuprofen, naproxen etc.), Vitamin E, blood thinners etc.  Bleeding during otoplasty is routinely minimal but even a little oozing afterwards could cause a blood collection under the skin.

Nutritional supplements may enhance our well-being, their interactions with surgical procedures are poorly understood and we ask our patients to discontinue these supplements before otoplasty.

We want you to continue most of your prescription medications, especially blood pressure, cardiac and asthma medications. Some medications could interfere with your normal healing (i.e., drugs against rheumatoid arthritis or cancer) and your plastic surgeon will decide together with your other physician(s) how to proceed.

Every patient will receive various prescriptions for the otoplasty procedure including an antibiotic. The antibiotic treatment is designed to minimize the risk for infections. It starts a few hours before the surgery and continues for 5 days afterwards.

In order to ensure and smooth and speedy recovery, smoking before otoplasty and during the first 10 days afterwards is strongly discouraged.

It is best to maintain a positive attitude before your ear plastic surgery. If combined with a thorough understanding of the expected recovery, your otoplasty procedure will be a good overall experience.

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